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January 2003 -  Libertarians Protest for Peace Around the Country

     From: (Charlotte Vanderwolf) I am involved with SNOW (Sound Nonviolent Opponents of War), which is the large and still rapidly growing group organizing to oppose the war in this area.   I encourage all local libertarians who favor peace to get on board. You can act very locally and get to know your neighbours at the same time, something which may appeal to Libertarians.

    From: "Bryan J. Lackey, Outreach Director, LP CA Region 67 <> I'm also coordinating our presence at the antiwar rally this Saturday in downtown. See   I know out here most Libertarians that I know believe the upcoming quote-unquote war with Iraq is immoral and almost everyone recognizes, much like you, that it's illegal without a Congressional declaration of war, letter of marquee, or letter of reprisal.
    Austin Texas' Terry Liberty Parker is constantly active and protesting with other libertarians and the group.  Plus he has a cable TV show.
    From:   Joe Dehn <> There was a demonstration at Stanford today, and a number of
Libertarians participated.  We distributed 200 flyers to fellow demonstrators and onlookers -- including most of the group of College Republicans who were having a counter-demonstration. A copy of the front of the flyer is at:  On the back I printed the national LP release titled "Beware of government propaganda, Libertarians say":
     DC January 18 About 18 libertarians joined couple hundred thousand diverse Americans to protest the Iraq war, as already mentioned in LPNEWS online.  They carried big LIBERTARIANS FOR PEACE signs.  See
photo on main page.
    From:  " Kent & Denise" <> A good time was had by those in attendance to the 9Jan 18) anti-War protest at Elko County Courthouse on Saturday.  Among protester's signs was a map of the U.S. showing storage and testing sites for WMD, as well as "No Blood For Oil" and "No To Bushit War".  Not everyone in attendance had a sign, but we enjoyed conversation and found the public more against than pro-war.     From:  "Michael H. Wilson" <> rhe Libertarian Party of Multnomah County in Portland, Oregon has endorsed and will participate in today's march.  Hopefully more than 10,000 will be there.
    From:  We had a rally here in Reno, Saturday (Jan 18). Several hundred attended--I got the LP message out in a four minute speech--here's the quote from the largest Reno paper-  "Brendan Trainor, state Libertarian Party chairman, said people wanting to fight overseas can volunteer, as some did to fight fascism during the Lincoln Brigade from 1936-39, but the government shouldn't order anyone to fight. America has troops in more than 100 nations and should bring them home," he said. "The military shouldn't protect foreign investments," Trainor said. "We have troops in Iceland. Are we protecting them from Greenland?"

February 2003 -  Libertarians Protest February 15th for Peace Around the Country
    Libertarians were at the big NYC march (see photos and photo).  At least a half dozen Libertarians were among roughly 130 anti-war demonstators along east Main in Farmington, New Mexico on February 15. Vietnam Vet, libertarian Joe Knight spoke (see photo and speech  San Juan libertarian Ron Barrett (also a Vietnam veteran)was quoted in the Farmington Daily Times story and also had a letter to the editor published.  Libertarians joined a couple dozen people at the Elko County, NV court house.

March 2003 - Libertarians Speak and Organize Against Bush's War
    Libertarians around the country were involved in March 15 and other protests against the Iraq War, as well as protests after the start of the war.  The national Libertarian Party has put out a number of press releases against the war.

March 2003 - 10 Reasons Why the US Should Not Attack Iraq
    The LPNEWS finally hits the nail on the head in this article.

July 2003 - Cato Leaders Brand Neoconservatives as "UnAmerican"
    In their article "Upholding Liberty in America"  Cato President Ed Crane and Chairman William Niskanen took on the neo-conservative imperialist who are driving US foreign Policy.  They write in part:
        Underlying neoconservatism is a desire to reshape America and the world through the efforts of a robust federal government. For years, the Weekly Standard, the neoconservative magazine, has promoted the need for initiatives to reinforce America's international power. Merely living in a free society appears to be insufficient for neoconservatives. ..... 
      Some in the neoconservative movement have openly called for an American empire around the globe. Max Boot, the writer, recently praised what he termed America's "imperialism" and said it should impose its views "at gunpoint". James Woolsey, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, has called for a decades-long campaign to re-order the entire Middle East along neoconservative lines. Such thinking is profoundly un-American. ....

August 2003 - Libertarians for Peace Places Large Ad in LPNEWS
      Believing libertarians needed a good reminder our group exists, especially as we entered into the presidential nomination period, we placed this ad in the August issue of LPNEWS.

August 2003 - Libertarian Party Press Releases Don't Come Out Strongly Against Iraq Occupation
A review of Libertarian Party press releases for the April to July periods reveals that the Libertarian Party has refused officially to come out squarely against the occupation.   An April Op Ed "What have we really won in Iraq?" does state opposition to the war, and by implication the occupation.   Other press releases only concern Congress profiting off the war, that U.S. forces should not be forcing gun control on Iraqi citizens, and that we don't need hearings to find out if Bush lied (!).  With out a clear statement that the LP opposes the occupation in each press releases, it would be easy for the press to read these as saying the LP tacitly supports the occupation.  Libertarians support a principled hard-core non-interventionist policy--like the 530 plus who signed our Libertarians for Peace Petition on Line.

August 2003 - LPNEWS Prints Response to Article Smearing Muslims
In response to a number of libertarians complaints, and the request of two libertarian Muslims for a responses, the LPNEWS published I. Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.'s article "Iraq, like the rest of us, needs liberty."  Excerpt:  The article "What Iraq Needs Is Western Values" that appeared in The Forum section of the June 2003 LP News was riddled with misconceptions.

    The "pull quote" prominently displayed reads, "Property rights are anathema to Islam. An individual's life and values may be sacrificed to the claims of his family, clan, tribe or ruler." This assertion, like the entire contents of the article, is in flagrant contradiction of Islamic scripture, philosophy, teachings, and law. Not only is private property sacred in Islam, but it was the Islamic civilization that introduced the West to many of the modern values of which, not only Iraq, but most of the world is now in such desperate need.
     The LPNEWS also printed a letter to the editor slamming the article.

September 2003 - Ilana Mercer on WorldNetDaily Smears Libertarians for Israel Views

    Most hard core libertarians don't have a problem with Jews establishing Israel on justly acquired land -- i.e., the 7% of Palestine they had justly bought from original owners or another maybe 10% of justly homesteaded unoccupied desert since 1948.  But many have a problem with the fact Israel drove off 700,000 Palestinians in 1948 and confiscated their land and then conquered and settled Palestinian lands in Gaza and the West Bank since 1967.
   And from time to time some libertarians dare to say so. Such honest and principled outspokenness provokes attacks from Israel supporters.
    In August of 2003 WorldNetDaily.Com published a column by "libertarian" Ilana Mercer attacking several leading libertarians with inflammatory and largely inaccurate accusations that their view on Israel were anti-Semitic.  "Libertarians who loathe Israel"
    Two of the libertarians attacked immediately replied, Sheldon Richman 'Disregard for the truth' and Justin Raimondo's "Note in the Margin" section of another article at
    Mercer replied to them in yet another insulting screed against on WorldNetDaily.Com "Foaming at the mouth over Israel"
WorldNetDaily.Com also published a letter to the editor response to this from Sheldon Richman.  At this point Jacob G. Hornberger weighed in with "Shame on WorldNetDaily"      Fox News Commentator Wendy McElroy also crticized the Mercer column.
        WorldNetDaily commentary editor Tom Ambrose then weighed in with yet another screed against libertarians "Big, bad Israel?"
        Despite these attacks, various libertarians working for peace have defended libertarian views on the issue all over the Internet and will continue to do so, including in Libertarian Party campaigns
.  This, of course, is what infuriates these virulent Israel supporters.

December 2003 - Libertarians Rebel At Pro-War/Pro-FBI Spying LP Convention Speaker
In late November, 2003 columnist Justin Raimondo attacked Atlanta talk show host Neal Boortz and demanded he be disinvited from the LP Convention because of his support for the Iraq War and Occupation, as well as for the notorious Patiot Act.  Boortz even encourages FBI spying on peace activists -- many of  whom are libertarians.  (See  Boortz had spoken at two previous conventions but at the time prevaricated about his support for the Iraq War.  Per Carol Moore's report on the LP 2002 convention, he denied supporting an invasion of Iraq.
     In early December Missouri LP member Tom Knapp, after consulting with Libertarians for Peace members on our yahoogroup, put up a PetitiononLine under the auspices of "Libertarians for a Boortz-Free Convention" As of the end of December it already had well over 600 signatures, mostly from Libertarian Party members and supporters.  The petition will be accepting signatures until May 26, 2004, the day prior to the opening of the Libertarian Party's 2004 national convention.