We are Libertarians who are committed to promoting an end to United States military intervention which we believe carries out an imperialist agenda that benefits powerful government and corporate special interests at the expense of the lives, liberty and prosperity of Americans and of peoples worldwide. We are opposed to the militaristic view that violence can resolve all conflicts, and to the massive surveillance of innocent civilians, especially those engaged in political activity against war and government civil liberties abuses.

Libertarians believe that the Americans must show the world the light of liberty — not the fist of a new world order. We must emphasize to the people of the world that true peace can only come when governments, where they are constituted, use militaries only for self-defense and stop using them to repress internal dissent, squash separatist movements and threaten other nations. We are committed to World Liberty through World Peace. To Peace through Freedom.

We encourage all Americans and all peoples worldwide to embrace principles of:

* human rights to life, liberty and property;

* political self-determination for individuals and their chosen, voluntary communities;

* military non-intervention to oppose imperialism by our own nations, as well as other nations;

* non-provocative military self-defense and diplomatic negotiations;

* multilateral and unilateral moves towards nuclear and conventional disarmament by all nations.

As libertarians, our strategy will be:

* to use all means of nonviolent persuasion and action

* to work within the Libertarian Party to ensure its platform, publications, candidates and actions advance the cause of non-intervention and peace

* to work with established peace coalitions to promote our non-interventionist principles

* to create local libertarian-oriented groups and coalitions to promote our non-interventionist principles.

Libertarians4Peace.Net created 2002